I’m feeling kinda low today, and I know the reason why,
I miss my lifetime partner, so much, I need to cry.
My pillow’s wet from tear drops, It’s soggy to the core,
And when it dries, I guarantee, I’ll miss her that much more.

You see when you lose half of you, things just aren’t the same,
It’s hard to play for two of you, in any kind of game.
You can’t remember the side you’re on, let alone the score,
For when there’s only one of you, you’re feeling kinda poor.

In years gone by, we were young and thought we’d live forever,
But losing her has taught me, take life for granted, never.
It seems that life is planned for two, it worked for us for years,
But now my better half is gone, the reason for my tears.

September 28, 2011