I woke up this morning to a very low growl, Candy is at the door,
I arise and pull back the curtains, and then she growls some more.
A squirrel is on the feeder, trying to get something to eat,
Candy’s upset, she knows it’s her job to protect the birdie’s treats.

I open the door, she’s off like a shot, but squirrel is off and running,
The top of the fence, back and forth, squirrel knows it’s not funny.
Candy shifts gears, and the chase is a race, now squirrel is free.
Squirrel runs past Candy’s face, and makes a great jump to a tree.

Then squirrel freezes and moves not a muscle,
Candy sniffs but can’t find it, that’s the end of the tussle.
She gives up and returns to the house, squirrel goes back to its den.
Her job has been done until tomorrow…when it starts all over again!