When you were born you were greeted gayly,
Love and kindness were showered on you daily.
You knew love first hand and enjoyed much protection,
You were trained to grow in the right direction.

You learned to talk and walk, then go to school.
You wanted to know about that big world so cool.
Your teachers taught you the latest trends,
School was even better as you made new friends.

School became harder and harder each day,
Mom and Dad stood by you every step of the way.
You tried your own way and they cushioned your fall,
Now you are confident and standing tall.

You thought you were alone in this learning endeavor,
But Mom and Dad were there watching, as they will forever..
As you tested your legs, till they grew strong and steady,
They aren’t worried at all, for they know you are ready.

You’re making today your own decisions now,
With knowledge gained, you’re sure you know how.
You’ve decided a career you want to pursue,
Be true to yourself in all that you do.

You have learned a great deal at school through the years,
Graduation is next, and you need have no fears.
You’ve really done it, you’ve past the great test,
With God’s love and guidance you’ll be your very best.

April 6, 2012