If something nice you have to say, save it not for another day,
Little compliments mean so much in another person’s life.
You can alleviate some pain, and help to end the strife,
Don’t put it off, for time won’t wait, do it now.

If you truly love someone, don’t keep them guessing, tell them now,
Time goes fast, life is short, and this may be your only chance.
They need to know just how you feel, time is racing on,
Don’t hold back, there’s not much time, do it now.

If you can help someone in need, no matter what the task,
Step right up and make the offer, don’t make them have to ask.
There are many things you can do, to help someone that’s down,
Start with love and understanding, but do not wait, do it now.

October 2, 2009