Showers of blessings are yours each day,
Even when you didn’t pray.
God is with you at your side,
Ready always to be your guide.

Friends and family to have and to hold,
Love never changes, whether you’re young or old,
Hold their hands; never lose your grasp,
Is how you show that true love will last.

For friends and family are yours to hold,
Their worth is far greater than Silver or Gold
Tell them all, how you love them so.
Hold their hands, and never let them go.

Spend all the time with them you can,
Enjoy each other and make some plans.
Time will not stand still for you,
Use it wisely in all you do.

Search your heart and realize,
Just what you have before your eyes.
Give of your blessings to those in need,
Give thanks to God on bended knee.

January 23, 2010