It doesn’t seem possible, that so many years have past.
But when we said “I DO”, we were serious, we intended it to last.
The way a marriage should be, and will always be for you and me.
We loved, laughed, worked and played, the years just slipped away.

The time is gone, but the memories are still, deep within our hearts.
Our kids have filled the empty spots, each one had a part.
We’re proud of each and every one, the way they’re standing tall.
We couldn’t ask for a better bunch, loving, respectful and kind to all.

Our thanks to all our many friends, for being there through the years.
Your help was always welcome, and helped to dry our tears.
Your presence here today, to celebrate our big Five-0.
Really means more to us, than you will ever know.

Dixie and Benny

December 30, 2009