God has a plan, we don’t fully understand,
But we trust Him and will do the best we can.
We’ll ask His advice before we decide,
We know He cares, He’s always at our side.

The roads are rough and steep these days,
You can smooth them out by using God’s ways.
Share this knowledge with all your friends,
So they won’t get lost when the road takes a bend.

Life can be a joy ride, if by God’s rules we abide,
He shows by example how we should strive.
To freely, with love, give all that we can,
Of our love and talents for our fellow man.

God’s plan is clearer as we have another look,
See all the instructions in His Amazing Book.
Showers of blessings are ours each day,
As we study and learn of the plan of His way.

April 21, 2011