As day begins and replaces the night, I see your smile in the morning light.
Sparkling in the morning dew, all God’s beauties illuminate you.
I start my day of labor and love, knowing you’re with me watching above.
You’re constant company in my daily chores; your love gives me strength to stay the course.

I try to serve my fellow man, and alleviate suffering when I can.
You taught me many years ago, when things aren’t right, you make them so.
You mean so much to those you knew, inspiring words and things to do,
While serving God in so many ways, we feel fulfilled at the end of day.

And then as evening shadows fall, and starry skies prevail,
Our loves grows stronger through the night, it will never fail.
And then again at morning light, another day will start,
And I will be there with this greeting, “Good morning to you, Sweetheart”.

All my love,
May 2009