We grieve when we lose someone we love, this is a natural feeling.
Spirits are broken, we have no control, our mind and thoughts are reeling.
We come together supporting each other, as a bereavement study group.
We share stories and shed some tears, we work together to conquor our fears.

It isn’t easy, and it helps a great deal, to know we’re not in this alone.
By helping each other with love and support, it makes for a happier tone.
This grief that we face is relentless, we meet it at every turn.
But learning to cope is the answer, we must all listen and learn.

Our loved one is gone,we must admit it, and slowly work through the pain.
Now is the time for real friends to listen, as we tell the stories again.
No one can tell, just how you feel, you must do what’s best for you.
Someone to talk to is very important, while we’re trying to think what to do.

It takes time and patience, it’s best not to rush, working through this grief.
Facing your fears and reality, is the only way to relief.
Pain and suffering is hard to bear, but real friends will help us through it.
Counselors can help with your plan of action, but it’s up to you to do it.

November 1, 2009