It’s Mother’s Day and were proud my dear,to have honored you for so many years.
We thank you for all you’ve done,for your smile,your laugh,and yes your tears.
Tears are shed for many reasons, as we have witnessed for lots of seasons.
You are our rock, the family’s foundation, the greatest Mother in all the nation.

Again this year we think of you, and want you to know of our love for you.
Your heart is big enough to share, with everyone to show you care.
Our love for you will never end,our daily thoughts to you we send .
We are strong because of you,our love will last, know this is true.

Your children stand out as the finest, you’re proud of them ,it shows.
Your love and guidance paved the way, to make them as they are today.
You were always there for them, to help them when in need.
You were strong and you were fair, God bless Mothers everywhere.

All my love,
Mother’s Day
May 10, 2009