I’ve kept bees many seasons, a hobby great for many reasons,
First you get in tune with nature, God’s beauty is everywhere.
Then you work with His creation, Honeybees that feed the nation,
A hundred foods would disappear, if Honeybees were not here.

They are small, but they are mighty, in just weeks they take flight,
Foraging from flower to flower, as they forage they pollinate.
Sipping nectar from the blooms, home they go to fill their rooms,
Here they fan their wings together, making honey from the nectar.

Reducing water ’till its right, sealed with wax, a beautiful white,
This is called the honeycomb, delicious food to have at home.
Bees produce more than needed, so man has honey he can eat,
But enough is left to feed the hive through winters cold and bleak.

In spring the queen will often lay, up to two thousand eggs a day,
The hive builds up for the nectar flow, worker bees are on the go.
Dandelions are first to bloom, used to feed the hungry brood,
Nature also provides the bees, with pollen as a potent food.

Flowers bloom and nectar flows, the hive is getting stronger now,
Each worker has a job to do, and all together they see it through.
Hard at work making honey, for they know that winter’s coming,
It is fall, the season ends, plans are made for the coming spring.

September 28, 2009