I miss you more than I can say, from early morn to end of day
I miss our greeting as we awoke, our goodbye kiss as I left for work.
And then when I returned to you, I miss your smile that made me new.
You let me rest as you fixed our meal, I miss your love for me so real.

I miss your beauty, your wit ,your charm, the feeling of your loving arms.
I miss the scent of fresh brushed hair, a glow was with you every where
I miss our coffee breaks each day, I miss your music and organ play
I miss our bridge and rummy games, I miss your paintings of pretty scenes.

I miss your bears upon the stairs,your Christmas tree with all the flair
Your friendly greeting to all you met, your special wave, we can’t forget
Our home so warm to all our friends, special times we shared with them.
Memories help us, this is true, but with all the help, I STILL MISS YOU !!

December 7, 2009