I’ve been around a long, long time,
I’m wearing a ragged shirt.
My pants are worn as thin as a dime,
I’m almost as old as dirt.

I don’t buy green bananas,
Don’t know if they’ll get ripe.
I don’t ever drink or smoke,
I don’t even own a pipe.

My back aches, I can’t stand up,
My legs and feet hurt too.
My knees won’t bend, ’cause I’m no pup.
There’s holes in both of my shoes.

I’m very careful when I walk,
My balance is off, I might fall.
This old body is shrinking fast,
When it used to stand so tall.

I guess it’s time to take a break,
Or maybe pull the plug.
But life is still a piece of cake,
As long as I get a hug.

May 26, 2012