I’m Jamie’s pretty buckle box, to keep her buckles in.
She brings a pretty buckle home, each time she has a win.
There are always aches and pains, but she always passes the test,
In every little thing she does, she always does her best.

“Do Your Best” is a motto, a real good one to live by.
Concentrate, learn and study, and you’ll find that you will gain.
Just work real hard and don’t give up, try, try, again.
With a lot of tries you’ll get better, and you’ll have another win.

Take care of me and I’ll protect the trophies of your youth,
Then when you get old and tell the stories, you will have the proof.
We’re proud of you, Jamie girl, how straight and tall you’ve stood.
We all knew at every win, that you could and would.

All our love,
Grandma and Grandpa Gensler

My Heroes
Jamie Miner
Mrs. Van Horn
“Laws Of Life”

“Two stars in the night are like my great-grandpa and grandma…they never stop shining. My grandpa, Hiram Gensler, who strives to make a difference. He is always doing something for someone else. My great-grandfather Hiram produces honey for other people to enjoy; has beehives and works hard selling his honey. He is very loving and caring. An extraordinary reason why I admire him, is he loves and cares for everyone. Hiram Gensler is an amazing person.

My great-grandma, Marirose Gensler, is also an amazing person. She raised six children, showing them how to be strong and independent. My great-grandma loved to show her family and friends how to cook. As well as my great-grandpa, my grandma is very giving and cares for others.

Hiram and Mariroses sixty-fifth wedding anniversary is this week (November 15). They have a tremendous family and care for each and every one of them which goes to show, my great-grandparents are great people.

They are very outgoing and unique in each of their own ways. My great-grandfather has been an active member in boy scouts for over fifty years. He is a World War II veteran; a long time member of the beekeepers association, and was a cement worker for forty-four years. WOW!.

Marirose was a homemaker in the early years and later was a professional cake decorator. My grandpa likes to build stuff, help people with things and tell jokes. My grandma enjoys playing the organ and playing bridge with friends ( I can never beat her in cards).

They have six children, fifteen grandchildren, and nine great-grand kids.

How Marirose and Hiram have affected me…. They have affected me because they show me how to keep going; they kept going and look at them! They have a beautiful family and everyone admires them. Best of all, they are my heroes. Because of them I will try my hardest to be ordinary in my own way and make a difference to the people around me.

I wish that someday I am somebody’s hero.. My grandparents have taught me to appreciate and respect my values and beliefs.. I especially appreciate my grandparents always greeting me with a smile on thier face.

I admire that my grandparents really care. Marirose is a beautiful woman with a big heart and a warm Hello. Hiram is a loyal husband and grandfather with a mind like blooming flowers, meaning once his mind is set on something, there’s no telling what he can do.
Hiram and Marirose Gensler are my role models.