A camping fund has been created, for one of Scoutings famed,
Scouts will go to summer camp, in memory of Jerry Colvin’s name.
He was Scoutmaster and advisor to many Scouts, along the Eagle Trail,
He did an extra special job, to see they didn’t fail.

He lived the Scouter’s Oath and Law, and always did his best,
Whenever things got really tough, he always passed the test.
Touching the hearts of many Scouts, he helped them shape their lives,
Now when they go out in the world, they’ll know how to survive.

It was always his fondest dream, to see a Scout succeed,
He tried to teach them everything he thought that they would need.
He was there whenever they stumbled, and helped them to their feet,
And when they became an Eagle Scout, it was a special treat.

We’ll miss Jerry in our lives, and do our very best;
To carry on as he would want, and see the Scouts progress.
We’ll try to shape good citizens, for all the world to see.
Our world needs good leadership, let it start with you and me.

July 30, 2012

Jerry Colvin was a very active Scoutmaster of Troop 271 for several years and touched the lives of many Scouts. Jerry passed away June 7, 2012, after being hospitalized for quite some time, he was 50 years old.

While not being mandatory, The whole of troop 271, adults and scouts, showed up in full uniform. I was as proud of them as I could be. It meant a lot to Jerry’s family – Hiram

If you would like to donate to Jerry’s Camping Fund the address is :
Jerry Colvin Camping Fund – Troop 271 
7715 No. Oak Kansas City , MO 64118
Sponsored by the Gashland United Methodist Church

The Scouting Song

Trail the Eagle

Trail the Eagle, Trail the eagle,
Climbing all the time
First the Star and then the Life
Will on your bosom shine.
Keep Climbing
Blaze the trail and we will follow
Hark the eagle’s Call
On Brothers on
Until we’re eagles all!