Flash and Nero are K-9 Cops, their handlers think they’re great.
They work tirelessly at thier job ahead, asking only for a pat on the head.
They search for drugs, and track down thugs, it’s real exciting work.
Never thinking about their lives, with no protection against guns or knives.

When they go to answer the call, they never know how the cards will fall.
Into action without hesitation, following commands of the handlers.
These specialists will work with all their heart, just for a little praise.
Doing their job, protecting citizens, working nights and days.

Now enter the HEROS that really care, VESTNPDP.COM
They provide protective vests, for each and every one.
There’s no charge to the Police Departments, donations help pay the costs
Join with us now, support this great cause, before another dog is lost.

February 1 2010

Hiram Gensler served in the Coast Guard
in WWII as a Dog Trainer and Handler