November, Friday the thirteenth, 1942, we became engaged.
Our school days were over, and a war had started to rage.
Our country asked for all her young men to join in the fight for freedom,
There was no time to think of ourselves, we had to protect our nation.

We had a choice, but we were in love, not to wait was our decision.
I asked you to marry me, you said you would, and then everything clicked with precision.
I had enlisted, the US Coast Guard, my call was coming up fast,
Not much time to plan for a wedding, and then expect it to last.

You did all the work, without much help, even sewing your wedding dress.
Our wedding took place just two days later, after I had asked for your hand.
During the wedding a fire siren sounded and the dog started to howl,
Exhaustion took over, tears began flowing, you were almost out of control.

A beautiful wedding, thanks to you, you worked on it morning and night.
Things got better as we settled into, our new life as husband and wife.
Next day I was sworn into the Coast Guard, then the strife started again,
For we hadn’t a clue, just how many days, before active duty began.

As it turned out, I had forty-five days, to be at home with my cutie.
Time went too fast, we wanted it to last, but I had to report for my duty.
Friday the thirteenth, that unlucky day, was the luckiest day for us.
That was the day when things really started; it gets a grade of “A” plus.

November 2008