A garden fund has been created, in memory of Marirose.
We’re going to build a children’s garden, at NorthCare Hospice House
Construction is under way and moving right along.
The little ones can smell the flowers and learn to sing a song.

It’ll be a safe and happy place, where they can meet with friends.
They can play; watch birds and butterflies, ’till day comes to an end.
The garden will be outstanding, with colors bright and cheery.
To keep the sunshine in their hearts, and drive away the scaries.

The northcarehospice.org website, is the place to go.
If you want to make a donation, or to get more information.
We can’t do this by ourselves, we’ve mentioned time and again.
All who were touched by Marirose, are invited to join in.

The Hiram Gensler Family

March 13, 2010

NorthCare Hospice House
2900 Clay Edwards Drive
N Kansas City, MO 64116-3221
(816) 691-5119
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