This is a story to our children, about their loving Mother,
She always protected and cared for you, with a love like no other.
You were always first with her, no matter what the fight.
She was the one that tucked you in, when playtime turned to night.

She stayed beside your bed until she knew that you were sleeping.
She prayed to God to stay with you and provide you with safe keeping.
Then she would rest til early morn, and start her day again,
Teaching you things like love and kindness towards your fellow man.

When you were old enough to go she took you by the hand,
And walked beside you to the school, a totally different land.
She had to leave you alone without her till the class would end.
You were scared and Mom was too, but soon you made new friends.

School became a wonder world where you could learn new things,
And every day you were anxious to learn and see your friends.
Mom kept up with your progress and helped you with your test,
She was always there with you to see you did your best.

You graduated from high school and some went on to college.
You all found that life was better when you had some knowledge.
When you think how good your life is, say a prayer for each other,
Remember the kindness and sacrifices of Marirose, your loving Mother.