Many, many years ago, bout nineteen thirty nine,
I saw a girl at school one day, she looked so mighty fine.
It never dawned on me that day, that we’d become as one,
But daily, I would think of her, she had me on the run.

One day at school while I repaired the squeaking in some stairs,
I noticed coming down the hall, this girl with coal black hair.
She walked so straight, she was a beaut, I rated her as cute!
I whistled as she passed me by, I thought it kinda sly.

She wheeled around just to see, who might have made that sound,
I thought that kinda strange because, there was no one else around.
We talked and got acquainted, and that was just the start,
Of a long, long story, of how she got my heart.

And now I’m very, very proud to have this girl so fine,
I’m asking her again today “To Be My Valentine”.

February 14, 1982