Back a few years when they worked night and day,
There wasn’t much time for loafin’ and play.
No matter what, chores had to be done,
There was a job to do for everyone.

Wood had to be cut for the cook stove and heat,
Heat from a wood fire just can’t be beat.
Meat was provided by cattle and hogs,
Leftovers and bones went to the dogs.

Cream and eggs were hauled down the hill,
And traded for corn grinding at a farmers mill.
A garden was worked and it helped a great deal,
Fried chicken on Sunday was a real special meal..

Sorghum cane was cut on shares and hauled to the mill,
The share pay was the skimmings for farmer Bill.
Gooseberries and blackberries were wild and free,
When canned for the winter they were quite a treat.

Money was scarce, in fact there was none,
This dilemma was shared by everyone.
They helped one another just to get through the year,
God gave them the strength to persevere.

March 18, 2012