Memories are the best of friends, they help relive my past.
Without them I could not recall, the love we’ve made to last.
Our love is strong, it passed the test of years that faded fast,
With memories help it all comes back, I don’t even have to ask.

North, South, East or West, at rest or when you roam,
You will find eventually, that memories take you home.
They are constant company, they stay with you forever.
Life would be so dull without them, in all of our endeavors.

Feel blessed you have created, memories large and small,
It matters not the size of them, for you will use them all.
Keep them stored within your heart for all those lonely times,
For memories will bring back to you the love for which you pine.

The memories I am dwelling on were formed so long ago,
When we were young, and in our prime, and always on the go.
I think of you and I recall, the bliss of our first kiss,
Thank God for all his blessings, for memories are made of this.