Uncle Ben had hogs, which he kept in a pen,

They’d try to bite him when he turned his back.
He had a shovel he took in there with him,
If they got too close he’d give them a whack!

When clothes were worn out from working so hard,
The buttons were saved and put into jars.
Then when there was need for a button,
You took one from the jar, and the cost was nothin’.

At night we saw flashlights crossing the fields,
Turned out to be Moonshiners working their Still.
They did it at night, so no one would know,
For if they were caught, to jail they would go.

Red ripe watermelons were cooled in the spring,
For a kid of ten, it was a real neat thing.
The road was so rocky,’twas called washboard hill,
The streams crystal clear and we swam at will.

Saturday to town for supplies and the news,
Then Sunday to church to fill the pews.
God was there with us down on the farm,
He loved and protected us and kept us from harm.

March 26, 2012