To wake in the night is a terrible shock, when all you can hear is the tick of a clock.
You’re all alone in a world dark and cold, where it used to be sunny and bright.
Then memories of you come back to me, I remember our beautiful life,
No one on earth can ever replace my friend, my partner, my wife.

From the very first day, all I could say, there’s no place I’d rather be,
But to get close enough to talk with you seemed an insurmountable feat.
I didn’t know then but you felt the same and were willing to share our lives.
A beautiful girl, so kind and nice, my friend, my partner, my wife.

I’ll never forget the things you have done to make my life so complete,
Your kind and selfless love for me is a cherished memory.
Your legacy will last forever, a guide for all to follow,
One to use to shape a life, my friend, my partner, my wife.

I’m very proud to have shared my life with one so kind and gentle,
All that I am I owe to you, it was a wonderful life.
Here at the end of my heaven on earth, there will be no more strife,
I’ll join once again my only love, my friend, my partner, my wife.