A friend of mine has a beau, she sent a card to tell me so.
She thinks he may be “Mr. Right”, I’ll pray and cross my fingers tight.
I hope she’s right and all goes well, she’ll have a wonderful story to tell.
It’s tough to make a choice like this; let God help you plan your bliss.

Leave no stone unturned in your quest, until you know he’s passed the test.
Take your time, be sure you’re right, your heart will let you know.
Tell him so, don’t keep him guessing, life’s tough enough without more stresssing.
Then let God be your starter, on your mark, get set, and go.

And when things don’t go just right, learn to compromise.
Do your best to understand, and do it with your heart.
For no one wins when there’s a battle, compromising is an art.
Resist mean words with all your might, for it takes two to have a fight.

I hope I’ve helped a little bit, with thoughts on how to do it.
I’ll sit back now and watch the show, It’s going to be a dandy.
My friend is fast, she’s also smart, and she always will survive.
And the beau she’s got her eye on, is the luckiest guy alive.

Good luck and best wishes,
A friend

February 2010