It’s Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart; I feel your presence near. 

I feel it in the early morn, and when I say my prayers.
I see you as a colorful rose, in my every waking hour.
It matters not the color, for it’s a beautiful picture tour.

I take your hand, we walk the lane,
We never notice the gentle rain.
Our thoughts are deep within our hearts,
Shaping our lives to get a good start.
They fade away quickly, candy and flower;
Our love is lasting, it will always be ours.
With so much to tell you, I’m always urged,
To take up my pen and put it in words.

I promised to always love you, many years ago.
With all my heart I’ve done that, because I love you so.
You’re busy doing Angel stuff for God, and that’s just fine.
Please ask Him for a minute or so, to be my Valentine.

My love forever,
February 14, 2009