When evening shadows made me blue,
You were the one that changed the hue,
From darkness to a cloudless blue,
I long, Sweetheart, to be with you.

You were the one that taught to me,
The heaven on earth that life could be,
You were always there for me,
You are my happiness.

I think about your tender kiss,
And then begin to reminisce,
Of all the many things I miss,
About my happiness.

Many, many years have passed,
Since we pledged our love to last,
And last it has, and will forever,
I commit myself to this endeavor.

God has promised, I’ll hold you again,
Then only love and joy will reign,
There’ll be no worry, there’ll be no pain,
There will be only happiness then.

With no tears, there’ll be no stress,
Our reunion will be heaven blessed,
How much I miss you, you’ll never guess,
You are my happiness.