Have you heard ’bout NorthCare Hospice House, work has just begun.
We’ve planned, worked and dreamed it, with help from everyone.
We’ve waited for a long, long time for construction to begin.
We’ll “Open The Doors” for service, in the summer of Twenty -Ten.

The crews are working fervently, to make this dream come true.
It’s going to take all of our strength, and a lot of help from you.
This is a giant step for manknd, and we hope to pass the test.
May God join us in our quest, we want to give the very best.

We can’t do this by ourselves, show the world you care.
There’s so much love in our hearts, we really need to share.
Join us as we seek our goal, be part of the celebration.
Help us make this Hospice House, the grandest in the nation.

NorthCare Friends of Hospice

January 23, 2010