Another beautiful day is slowly making its way,
Into the minds and hearts of everyone.
Use your mind and heart and you can do your part,
Produce some love to share with all the world.

Join the happy crowd, shout your love and freely give,
And make this world a better place to live.
Get friends together now and have yourselves a ball,
You will find that love will conquer all.

Pass this love to others and help them if you can,
Help is always needed by a fellow man.
By helping others you’ll alleviate some woe,
Your heart will warm and you’ll take on a glow.

Be one to make a difference, start it off with you,
Use a beautiful smile, it’s contagious don’t you know.
Reach out to everyone, in everything you do,
Don’t forget the shut-ins, for they need loving too

April 19, 2011