The Scouts and Scouters are coming home for a grand celebration,
One hundred years of Scouting, in this grand and glorious nation.
On My Honor, I’ve done my best, to serve my God and country,
Lived the Scout Law, been of help, and stayed strong, alert, and clean.

I started out as Tenderfoot, with leadership from all,
Then second class was tough, but I really had a ball.
First class was great, and lots of fun as I started up the trail,
I’ve been prepared, and always tried to do a good turn without fail.

I worked hard and learned a lot, about many things so new,
It’s really great to learn and serve, with leadership from you.
The leader’s job is very important, teaching us by the book,
We sometimes think we know it all, ’til we have another look.

The next rank on the trail to Eagle, is a bright one it is true,
A taste of life, through Merit Badges, Star Scout is shining through.
With fellow Scouts I’ve hiked and camped, I’ve gained so many friends,
I’ve watched for those that need my help, and always lent a hand.

My heart is really into Scouting, Life Scout I’m shooting for,
My heart is burning and I am yearning, I’m standing at the door.
The next step on the trail, to Eagle, the highest rank of all,
I’m learning leadership and responsibility; I’m standing straight and tall.

There it is, I can see it, the trail’s end at the top,
My heart is beating faster now; I feel it’s going to pop.
I have all the requirements now to be an Eagle Scout,
I’ll soon be soaring high with Eagles, and you will hear us shout.


September 26, 2009