Today’s our anniversary dear, now we can add another year,
To all the ones that came before, since love came knocking at our door.
We opened it wide and love came in, and life was sweeter than it was before.
We were just kids without a clue, just out of school, now what do we do?

With no one to tell us, we just had to guess, one day at a time we each did our best,
We planned our life for the coming years, and with God’s help we conquered our fears.
Life was beginning to get a lot better, then we received the President’s letter.
“Greetings” it said in letters so bright, “a war has just started and we need you to fight”.

Our love was tested with World War II, we answered the call, ’twas the right thing to do.
Our separation was hard to bear, but our love was true, we really did care.
We picked up our lives at the end of the war, you made us a home, and a whole lot more.
We scratched out a living without much money, but together we did it, just you and me honey.

We raised a great family and proud we can be, of all the accomplishments they gave us to see.
All are grown up now with kids of their own, we can be mighty proud of the seeds we have sown.
Then God needed an angel, he called out to you, and you answered the call to start life anew.
We’ll be together again, I know in my heart, know this my darling, you did more than your part.

November 15, 2008