As the golden sun is setting on the lives of Mom and I
We ask that you be happy and know it’s okay to cry.
Relieve yourselves of all blame and guilt, you’ve done nothing wrong.
Our lives have been fantastic, we wouldn’t change them at all.

We’re extremely proud of each of you,
you’ve all walked straight and tall,
The way you live your lives is on display for one and all.
Remember to set a good example, do your best and be aware,
As the spotlight shines on you, when younger ones are near.

Be happy and celebrate the many great years we’ve shared,
Hold your loved ones close and show them that you care.
Be strong at this time and comfort one another,
Know it is our wish that everyone
“Let Go and Let God’s Will Be Done”.

With all our love and admiration
Mom and Dad
June 1, 2008