Our kids are coming home sweetheart, for a grand reunion,
There’ll be hugs and kisses, and tears of joy galore.
We’ll all enjoy the legacy, about your life so grand,
We’ll talk of you and tell your story, so all will understand.

We’ll make sure the younger ones, get your story true,
For some are very young, and may have a different view.
It’s great to think of times gone by, and the fun we used to share,
Our kids are coming home sweetheart, to show they really care.

Our kids will really shine for you, all dressed up in their best,
You’ll check them out for flaws, I know, and see they pass the test.
It’ll sure be good to see them, and get the latest news,
Of everything that’s happened, since they emptied out the nest.

They’re on the way, I can feel it, and I can hardly wait,
To hug each one as they arrive, I’ll meet them at the gate.
I’ll greet them all with love from you, as you watch from above,
Our kids are coming home sweetheart; they’ll shower us with love.

July 2009