I was looking at some pictures that we’ve taken since we met,
The trip through life I took with you was as good as it could get.
I saw when I first met you and then when we were wed,
Vacations in the summertime and snow time saucer sleds.

I saw when I had to leave you until the job was done,
A nasty war had started just as our lives had begun.
Then when I came home to you, we shouted out with joy,
For God above had blessed us with a little girl and boy.

And then we bought a little house, not much more than a shed,
With love and all your efforts, you made a place to lay our heads.
We moved each time our family grew and then we built our own,
You made the plans, I drove the nails, a picture-perfect home.

The kids grew up, went on their own and emptied out the nest,
They kept in touch and honored us with grand kids, the very best.
Now we’ve retired and look forward to whatever is in store,
The love we shared on this picture trip is ours forevermore.