Those fighting Panthers are on the prowl with a hiss,
They want to be tops, the best that there is.
They work as a team, in all that they do,
To the team and each other, they’re Loyal and True.

As a volleyball team, they’re something to fear,
They competed like Champs, all through the year.
Each girl had a job, and worked it with Zest!
Always striving to be the very best.

Playing great games like the Champions they are;
Sharing the work and raising the bar.
Every move made was a brand new start,
With Determination, Fire, and a lot of Heart.

They won three tournaments in the season of 2012,
They brought home trophies to display on the shelf.
These girls are great; they give it their all,
For their Coaches, their fans, and fun volleyball.

Congratulations and THANKS to all.

October 22, 2012