My poems are created to honor you,
The girl of my dreams that keeps me new.
The life we made and lovingly shared,
Proved to the world that we really cared.

Time passed by extremely fast,
But we made sure our love would last.
You did your part and so much more,
These memories within my heart are forever stored.

They keep you close in my daily life,
You give me strength to handle strife.
I enjoy immensely your presence near,
You keep me focused on what is dear.

God has promised, He has a way,
We’ll be together again someday.
You are a beautiful, wonderful wife,
You always blessed and glorified my life.

I love you darling_ I always will,
To talk to you was my very first thrill.
You gave me everything with love,
You’re a loving creation of God above.

April 4, 2011