He was Trustworthy, Loyal and Helpful, always in every way,
Friendly, Courteous and Kind, throughout his many days.
Obedient, Cheerful and Thrifty, he practiced all his life,
Brave, Clean and Reverent, he eliminated many a strife.

On his Honor he did his best, to serve his country and God,
Lived the law of every Scout; helped others as they trod.
He kept strong, alert and clean – always without fail.
Helped the younger and the weaker, along the Scouting trail.

Ralph was always there for you, no matter what the fight,
He always stood his ground, when he knew that he was right.
He was firm but he was fair, I never saw him mad,
His sense of humor was always great, a happy loving dad.

He was truly a man of God, in every place he ran,
He set an example for each of us, this kind and gentle man.
To follow in our daily lives, so we will never fail,
Rest in peace, your work is done, we’ll see you on the trail.

August 29, 2012



The Scouting Song

Trail the Eagle

Trail the Eagle, Trail the eagle,
Climbing all the time
First the Star and then the Life
Will on your bosom shine.
Keep Climbing
Blaze the trail and we will follow
Hark the eagle’s Call
On Brothers on
Until we’re eagles all!