By letter came a beautiful butterfly, from the NorthCare Hospice team….
A celebration of remembrance is planned, honoring you, the girl of my dreams.
The sun is shining brightly, the sky, like your eyes, is a beautiful blue.
The clouds are like fluffy cotton, God’s beauties remind me of you.

It will be a real nice gathering, of family and friends, in your name.
We’ll remember nice things about you, and how great you played the game.
It will be a great celebration, to honor the love that you gave,
To each of us, family and friends, we’ll have more memories to save.

We’re all so very proud of you, for the labors of your life.
We really enjoy remembering you, my beautiful, wonderful wife.
You’re doing a labor of love for God, just as you did for us.
I know when you get your Angel grade, you’ll find and added plus.

My love,
April 2009

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