Don’t live in fear, be aware, watch what’s going on around you.
Know your surroundings, plan an escape, do what you have to do.
Have a plan, keep it on hand, practice it time and again.
Be ready for action at any time, the worse thing you can do is NOTHING!!

Shop with friends, it can be fun, and there’s more safety in numbers.
Watch for stalkers, report any suspects, the manager will call police.
Go to your car with keys in hand, don’t wait ’till your there to find them.
If you are forced to engage in a fight, a key makes a darned good weapon.

Your shopping cart is a real good tool, to keep you from any contact.
Don’t hesitate to use it for ramming, if someone is after you.
There’s ammunition in the grocery cart, protect yourself with the cans.
Once again, be aware, know your surroundings and always have a plan.

March 14, 2010