School was out in ’42 . and we were ready to soar,
An exciting life lay ahead, but the world was now at war.
We lived with guidance from above,
We were truly and helplessly in love.

Right on the heels of the great depression,
We joined the fight to save our battered nation.
I joined the Coast Guard and “put on the gloves”.
I had to leave you, but we were in love.

We earned the title “The Greatest Generation”,
For the fight we fought to preserve our nation.
We won the war with God’s help and His love,
Our lives became better, ’cause we were in love.

We raised a great family of which we are proud,
We proclaimed our true love, we shouted out loud.
We stayed together when push came to shove,
After seventy great, exciting years, we’re still in love.

November 15, 2012