I’m mighty proud of a man I know, he served our country well.
He joined up at seventeen, and soon learned war was hell.
This soldier was in the infantry, his legs carried him afar.
The infantry wasn’t privileged to ride, just a pair of boots and BAR.

They kicked some ass at Kasserine pass, and got kicked back real hard.
His outfit was The Big Red One, The Fighting First, second to none.
They stood their ground, The Big Red One, and won the final round.
They chased the Fox across African sands, until the job was done.

The Fox was crafty, full of surprises, hiding in the sand.
The Big Red One stayed right with him, with teamwork from every man.
They very cleverly outfoxed the Fox, got their gear and went to the docks.
They caught a ship and headed north, Sicily was next as they pushed forth.

There was no welcome mat at Gela, and a lot more fighting took place,
The Big Red One took many hits, but stayed right in the race.
Now with Sicily fully secured, they stomped on Italy’s toe.
They jumped across to Messina and continued to fight the foe.

This kid that went to war for us, was wounded in the battle,
I’m proud of him like no other, for he’s my little brother.
He don’t talk about his adventure, but came back home a man of stature.
God bless these fathers, sons, and brothers, for the freedom of our future.