Do you remember dear, the time, the place , the year?
We lived in Eau Gallie,Florida, without a worry or care.
Walking to the grocery store, a snake fell from a tree,
It startled you greatly, and you had cause to flee.

You ran like the wind, about a mile and a half,
And when you returned, we shared a good laugh.
The snake was just sunning, up in the tree,
When it fell to the ground, it scared you and me.

The Banana River, was across the street,
I fished from the pier, while you dangled your feet.
My fish were on a string, so they couldn’t roam,
A sand shark attacked, and left nothing but bones.

Enjoying the Florida sun, we always had lots of fun,
Just you and me darling, and Larry our son.
We were in Florida for almost a year,
God was there with us, we had nothing to fear.

With the war over in Germany, you returned home,
I went to Miami for sea duty across the foam.
Japan surrendered before I shipped out,
I am thankful to God that the fire was out.

July 29, 2012