It’s great to have you walk with me, as we retrace our paths,
Through many years of memories, that we are blessed to have.
So many beautiful scenes evolve because we did our best,
To live a life that guaranteed, to us our love would last.

Our lives began in high school, just kids and having fun.
The tests were tough but we got by, on each and every one.
You were the monitor of the hall, to keep the kids in class,
They couldn’t roam the halls at will, or give you any sass.

Remember meeting in the hall, while I repaired some stairs?
We were seniors, quite grown up, without worry or a care.
We had our graduation, and started life anew,
Things changed fast as war broke out, we decided what to do.

We got married; I left for service until the job was done,
Our home you kept and raised the kids, till the war was won.
We bought a house with the GI Bill, started living the dream,
Things got easier as time went by, we’ll make it yet, it seemed.

Then we moved north and settled in, our family grew and grew,
We made new friends, joined the church, and almost filled a pew.
Brownies, Girl Scouts, Cubs and Scouts, we made our mark, it’s true,
The kids were aimed the right direction, with leadership from you.

We sang in the choir and counseled youth, square danced ’till we dropped,
We played bridge, decorated cakes, organ classes too.
We built five houses, one by one; it seemed we never stopped,
Then we retired and settled down, to live a life of ease.

The kids were doing fine by now, everything was great,
We received a little dog and cat, to fill the empty space.
Your health failed and these new friends were with you constantly,
You went with God to do His will, an angel proud to be.

We miss you more than you can guess; we feel your presence near,
We’ll speak softly as we talk of you, with love and affection dear.
I thank you for your company, as we retraced our miles,
You were the one that lighted the path, with the brightness of your smile.

Hiram Gensler
July 2009