We gotta fix these worn out tents,
The quartermaster cried.
We’ve camped the life right out of ’em,
The camping troop replied.

Well what are we gonna do about it?
The quartermaster asked.
We’ll get a job and buy some new ones,
We’ll take on this major task.

It’s gonna be a tremendous job,
But we will make a deal.
From Tenderfoot to Eagle,
We’ll put our shoulders to the wheel.

What are we gonna plan to do?
We need a good plan fast.
Our bank account is empty,
We’ve gotta raise some cash.

We’ll call the troop to circle up,
And using common sense.
We’ll work this out among us,
And soon have brand new tents.

By solving this big problem,
We’re standing tall, we’ll do this job.
And working side by side,
We’ll show our scouting pride.

May 1, 2011

Congratulations BSA for 102 Years of Scouting!