Give thanks to our Veterans, those girls and boys,
For all this freedom we all now enjoy.
Think of them while you have your fun,
Support them continually, ’til peace is won.

Fly Boys, Swabbies, Coasties, Grunts and Joes,
Thank them for standing ‘tween you and our foes.
Freedom Is Not Free… the cost is so high,
Paid for by our Veterans, as time goes by.

Write to them daily, help relieve their stress,
Show them your love, don’t force them to guess.
Send them the news about everyday things,
They’re starving to hear it again and again.

They must concentrate on the job they were given,
So you can be free, and enjoy this free living.
Be proud of your Veterans and tell them again,
That they have your support to the very end.

May 28, 2011