On this wonderful Thanksgiving day, may everyone pause to say,
How thankful we are, alive and free, with family and friends to God we pray.
Be with us now,and forever more, as we open and close life’s many doors.
Protect us all from evil ways,let us serve Him in the coming days

Heartfelt thanks to our Military, protecting us from those who’d harm.
They pay the price to keep us free, may God protect them with loving arms.
While they fight , half a world away, pray for thier families every day..
Send them love, keep in touch, support them strongly ’till they’re home.

Our family is here, as we gather to eat, a Thanksgiving meal is hard to beat.
The cooks worked hard, our kudos to them, they started cooking early A.M.
The turkey is baked, and ready to eat, if we can only get everyone to a seat.
Thanks to God for this bountiful treat,remember those with nothing to eat.

November 26, 2009