Marirose’s Garden is now complete,

With bushes and flowers and a bench for a seat.
At NorthCare Hospice House you will find,
This garden so beautiful, It’s one of a kind.

I’m proud of this garden to honor my wife,
A thrill that will last me all of my life.
We were a team in all that we did,
Our love was true love and nothing was hid.

The Butterfly is a sign of new life,
What a wonderful tribute to Marirose, my wife.
We were together for sixty-six years.
This beautiful garden will help dry my tears.

She’s one of God’s children, a lady so sweet,
A labor of love is this garden so neat…
A visit will give you a time to review,
Thank God for this garden and a chance to renew.

September 18, 2011

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Marirose Gensler Memorial Garden