The hook grabbed and held fast for the final landing,
Bringing aboard Captain Herschel Arnold Pahl, USN, Retired.
After serving his country for thirty-one and a half years.
A loving and caring husband and father to a wonderful family.

This Navy hero, fighter pilot flew from many aircraft carriers.
He answered America’s call to successfully preserve,
The peace and freedom of our great nation.
From farm boy to Navy fighter pilot, he served his country well.

He joins a long list of friends and shipmates,
Who gave thier all to keep our country free.
May he rest in peace in the,
Protective arms of our Heavenly Father.

November 4, 2010


Ensign Herschel A Pahl in his F6F Hellcat launching from

USS Cowpens CVL-25  October 1943


You may read his full story in his book “Point Option”
Available at