The wind is blowing, and it’s really snowing,
The temperature has dipped below the teens.
A guy has to think when he starts to get dressed,
A warm shirt and no hole in the jeans.

Traffic is diverted and trucks are converted,
For snowplows to clean up the mess.
Then when you drive your car down the street,
It’s safe and you don’t have to guess.

It’s really cold, and you’ve got to be bold,
Just to stick your head out the door.
It’s best to stay in with the cat and the dog,
And thumb through the seed catalog.

Spring’s ’round the corner, it’ll surely get warmer,
How ’bout a garden? Get ready for summer.
It’s a great time to think and to plan a bit,
Thank God for a warm place to do it.

February 3, 2011