My thoughts returned to days gone by,
When life for us was a piece of pie.
We took our piece right from the pan,
And to all of our problems we said, WE CAN !!!!

We did our best to live a clean life,
It helped us survive many trials and strife.
We worked together in all that we did,
Our love was open and nothing was hid.

Our very first home was a rented third floor,
Seven dollars a week for a key to the door.
The stairs were three flights and a squeaky floor,
Money was scarce, we couldn’t afford more.

On our wedding night we came home late,
Cornflakes were placed on the stairs,’twas our fate.
Loud crunching sounds as we climbed the stairs,
Then another surprise when we finally got there.

The light bulbs were removed and hidden from us,
We stumbled around, but we didn’t cuss.
I’m sure we awoke everyone in the house,
Even though we tried to be quiet as a mouse.

The old iron bed was piled in a heap,
‘Twas noisy assembling and no one could sleep.
We finally gave up and slept on the floor,
Life at this time was anything but a bore.

July 18, 2012